Monday, July 1, 2013

A Word About the US Senate Race...

I would like to take a moment to respond to the requests about the US Senate race. Last Wednesday I met with Governor Beshear to notify him that I would not be a candidate for the US Senate.  I was planning on making a statement on Friday, however, due to the announcement made today by Sec. of State Alison Grimes I feel compelled to go ahead and state that I will not be a candidate.  After traveling more than 5000 miles out west with my family over the past few weeks meeting with potential supporters and strategists...who were all very, very supportive...I realized that the time I spent with my children and husband convinced me to continue on my current path with my family, my business and my work with our nation's veterans.  I was very honored to be asked to consider playing such a role for our state, however, in looking at the next prior commitments deserve my wholehearted and concentrated efforts.  The ultimate fear for someone like me is that politics has the potential to taint amazing projects.  The old saying that, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," I am afraid is true when the mere thought that a good deed is done for political gain.  There are so many wonderful groups that I will be working with this year including the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition, and the Children's Reading Foundation of Appalachia just to name a few.  I do tend to book my projects and calendar more than one year in advance which does make it extremely difficult to think about entering the political arena in just a few short months. Perhaps there is a future political race for me but for now I will continue to advocate for small business owners, help to support our veterans and military in any way I can...and, with a Mother's heart..I will continue to be there day in and day out to show guidance and love to my two beautiful daughters....who, by the way, turn 10 & 12 this week.  Maybe this will be the perfect birthday present!

P.S. Best wishes to Alison on her race!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today's Woman: Most Admired Women 2013

Well, the June issue of Today's Woman is out and I am so privileged to be among the 2013 honorees nominated for the Most Admired Woman/Beauty and Fashion.  Each year I have looked at the amazing women that have been nominated for these awards never thinking in a million years that someone would nominate me?!  As a small business owner/ designer it has been an interesting journey to get to where I am today.   After having gone to school at the University of Cincinnati's School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with my Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design & my Masters of Design tucked under my arm...I was ready to face the world.  Or was I?  After many years speaking across the country, lobbying politicians, running a foundation for Veterans...I wasn't so sure in 2007 when I started thinking about diving back into fashion.  It seemed scary, almost like a nightmare of a thought.  The fashion industry is HUGE...but I dove in with both feet.  As one of my friends stated, "No Fear, Heather!"  Well, maybe some weak knees and a big lump in my throat...I jumped feet first.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about how much I love being able to actually call myself a "designer" know, the very thing I actually went to school to do!  Today I think about all the scary moments from the very beginning trying to figure out international shipping, credit card processing, photo shoots, name it!  Everyday I felt frozen with fear over not knowing all the intricate steps...but I have eventually found my way.  Not saying that everyday is perfect...far from it...but I am living my dream.  We ship to an average of 150 stores per year, have online retailers, and even a showroom in Louisville, KY.  It's no small task to start a business and even more of a task to make it successful.  My biggest hope is that my girls, ages 9 & 11, are seeing their mother work hard and achieve through that handwork...of course, there have been bumps along the way and I am hoping they are seeing those doesn't promise us that everything will turn up smelling like roses but given enough hard work and dedication I believe that even those bumps can look more like embellishments on the fabulous fabric of life:>) --Heather

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Tragedy of Politics

The Tragedy of Politics

  In my contemplating the mere idea of running for office in my home state of KY it has become clear that politics must over rule common sense. In a quote from the Ky Republican party:

 "Heather French Henry is just the latest bottom-of-the-barrel pick for Kentucky Democrats in their desperate search for a 2014 Senate race savior to replace their noncommittal star, Alison Lundergan Grimes," Kelsey Cooper, a spokeswoman for the state GOP, said via email. "The fact that Democrats are encouraging someone with such egregious political baggage and no applicable qualifications to run in one of the most important Senate races in the country is a true indicator of their abysmal recruitment efforts." by Kelsey Cooper....

I am also convinced that there are Democrats that might also have ugly things to say about me, as well...but here is what no one can refute...
I am a Mother...I have two adorable girls who lean on me everyday for guidance and love...if that’s the bottom of the barrel then the bottom must be pretty good...
I am a Small Business Owner...I design and sell evening wear across the United States utilizing my Undergraduate and Masters in Design which my Miss America Scholarship paid for...I also run several other businesses that do have an impact on local economy.  If that’s the bottom of the barrel...then all of us Small Business Owners must be there together.
I run a Veterans' Foundation...we try to do whatever we can when a veteran is in need...sometimes we work fast, sometimes the work is slow...but we try.  We also try to educate our elementary school children about Patriotism and the sacrifice and service of our Nation’s Heroes...if that’s the bottom of the barrel then that is a great insult to all those out there that try to help in community based organizations due to the lack of movement in government.
This is why the nature of politics has to should not be about the “party” but about the people.  As a parent I would never condone the type of behavior that goes on in the electoral process...Does it happen from time to time with my children? Yes...but they get a time-out.  Maybe that’s what our politicians need... a real time-out.  
My decision will be made soon but my commitment to my family, the State of KY and our nations' veterans will continue no matter what...I do not need another title to do the work I want to do...I just have to have the will to continue, which I do.  No matter what party you are in... it's up to all of us to take the steps to create a better future for our children. --Heather

On Days Like Today...

I find on days like today that I should Thank all the Moms in the world for the job you do because it seems that this world has forgotten just how much respect it deserves and how much "WORK" it is....

To all the Small Business Owners - I feel your pain from day to day trying to run, operate and be successful and still get no credit for that work as well....

To all those who have had tragedy in your life - may you find Peace amidst the chaos, especially when mean people keep digging at your wounds.

To those who run Non-Profits - Thank you for doing the work that government can't seem to do itself. --Heather